Our Services

  • Arbitraging

    We arbitrage for off-shore investors and also assist local companies who are interested in raising debt equity via off-shore loans to raise capital. We are associated with various World class organizations that are positioned to offer debt equity at single digit interest rate for tenures up to 10 years.

  • Training & Resourcing

    We run a Professional Training Suite in the areas of Banking & Finance; Trade & Marine Operations; Oil & Gas; Project Management; Educational Consultancy and ICT development. These we do in collaboration with renowned Training Organizations in Nigeria and West Africa. We also render outsourcing and recruitment services.

  • Micro Saving

    This is a product that enables you save a portion of your daily/weekly income for the rainy day. It ranges from N100.00-N10,000.00 daily/weekly.

  • Micro Lending

    Lending products that enable you access funds from the pool of funds contributed by the members. This fund is a minimum of N40,000.00 and a maximum of N100,000 payable within 23 weeks on a weekly repayment plan. The facility is offered at a low interest rate of 15% p.a. To participate, it is mandatory for any intending client to have contributed up to 10% of the amount sought within a period of 3 weeks.

  • Micro Insurance

    These are multifaceted products which cover Fidelity Insurance; Asset Lease Insurance; Mutual Insurance; Group Lending Cover; Third Party Indemnity etc. (T & C applies).

  • Investment & PortFolio Management

    The product that allows you to invest in any of our lending products at rates above prevailing CBN Treasury Bill rates. We also manage your investments with other Financial Institutions and provide you with useful tips on how to take advantage of the money market situation at every point in time.

  • Asset Financing

    The product enables you to acquire assets with a minimum equity contribution of 20% of the invoice value of the Asset. This facility is payable over 12 months and it covers but not limited to Automobiles; Household items; Generator etc. We do not finance specialized Assets.

  • Women Organization for National Development & Economic Rebirth (WONDER)

    This is a Non-Governmental Self-Development Group, set up to empower women by raising the required minimum capital for retail businesses. The Group helps the unbanked to become bankable by exposing them to the rudiments of daily/weekly banking activities, thereby creating a financial track record for them, for the purpose of accessing loans from conventional banks in the nearest future.